• The Live Entertainment Directive (L.E.D) supplies various types of lighting for many uses, please note however that all lighting is for indoor use or for properly covered and weatherproof outside stages and events.
  • L.E.D have the following lighting for dry hire *
  • LED Parcans which can be DMX linked   (Used for lighting bands, as up lighters to enhance a venue for a wedding or party)
  • Tri Phase & Quadphase LED disco lighting.  (As the name suggests they are high power LED lights for use on dance floors where live bands are playing to give a great active light display)
  • Skytec orbital LED disco light.  (A softer rotating light that gives good movement of twirling circles of patterns across the dance floor)
  • Small Dot Lasers. (These lasers are small but incredibly powerful reaching easily to the far end of a marquee or large room which is 30m in length or more, kids love them as they try to catch the dots but can’t understand how they always end up on top of their hands!!)
  • Fresnel theatre lights for  stage illumination. (These are 1000 watts each and give a lovely bright wash of light across a stage if you are having a conference or comedy night for example)
  • Safety:  All LED lights stay very cool whilst in use, but the Fresnel lights become very hot indeed and for total safety no light should be in contact with or positioned closer than 1m from any sort of fabric, the exaust from these lights can also damage old paintings so care should be taken in positioning all lighting safely
  • *Dry hire is for use by yourself without a technician from L.E.D being present.