The Live Entertainment Directive hire out high quality Doughty staging which is easily put together by you and your team, or we can erect it for you.

Staging can enhance many types of event setting of a band, making it easier to see a speaker or lecturer or pictures for an exhibition.

Each section of stage comes in two parts, the base which is a steel frame and the top which is a special reinforced board 1 m sq. Each stage section can safely support 500 Kilos.

The support sections weigh 13 kg each, the top boards weigh 8kg each and the safety rails weigh in at 3kg’s each.

So as you can see each section is easily moved by one person and even easier with two!

Building the stage is quick and easy especially on flat areas such as an existing bigger main stage or flat concrete or wooden floor.

If the ground slopes or is very uneven each section would need to be what we call shimmed to make each section stable and safe to use.

Why not look at our video of how the staging is put together.

How to put Doughty modular staging together (In real time)

How easy it is to setup Doughty modular staging (with timelapse):